NEFF Kitchens

High-end, innovative cabinetry for luxury tastes.

Paul Neff, a young cabinetmaker who immigrated to Toronto, Canada from his native Germany, founded Neff Kitchens in 1965. Initially his customers were custom homebuilders attracted to the quality and unique design of Paul’s European-style kitchen cabinets. But the repetitive nature of that work was not satisfying to Paul. In the early 1970′s the fresh ideas from German and Italian kitchens began to have a major influence in American kitchen design. Paul decided to evolve his business into a fully custom shop, utilizing his talent in building unique European quality cabinetry and making it available through authorized kitchen design firms. Today, Neff Kitchens is internationally recognized for functional design refinement, 100% marine plywood construction, environmentally sensitive materials and an unequalled range of style and finish offerings. If you are interested in a kitchen with state-of-the-art European engineering, quality and design innovation, Kitchen Design Studio would be pleased to show you what we can design with Neff in your kitchen and other areas of your home. Please visit the Neff Kitchens website.

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